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Capital Plastics are Custom Plastic Fabricators creating Custom Museum Displays, Globes, and Acrylic Architectural Design Washington DC. Call (866) 595-1177
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Acrylic Architectural Design Washington DC

Custom Plastic Fabricators located in Washington, D.C. for commercial use, hospitality, museums, healthcare, and high end residential venues throughout the world.

Welcome! At Capital Plastics, we have the ability to make your design a reality, and we embrace the most technical challenges. Our custom plastic fabrication products have been installed in commercial, hospitality, museums, healthcare, and high end residential venues throughout the world. Using a turnkey solution from concept through engineering, fabrication and installation, Capital Plastics has the technical expertise to take the concept to a rendering, and produce solid models capable of being the molds that produce the most complex finished parts. From a simple sketch with hand-written dimensions to a detailed CAD print we can make a product that fits your needs. We welcome the opportunity to work with you, and appreciate you dropping by to see our Acrylic Architectural Designs.

Custom Globes & Spheres

For over 50 years Capital Plastics has specialized in making custom display globes and spherescustom globe that can be customized to any level of detail you desire, from corporate logos to satellite imagery using NASA’s ‘Blue Marble’. On top of standard globes, we have the capability to add rotation, lighting, lettering, tilt, and may others. Sizes can vary from 2 inches to over 8 feet. Check out our Custom Globes Gallery to view some of our many capabilities, or click the image.

Museums, Casework & Displays

For over 50 years, Capital Plastics has been building custom designed, handcrafted displays and casework for Museums, Trade shows, as well as Restaurant and Retail establishments. custom display cases Due to our close proximity to Washington, D.C., as well as the many museums we have helped to develop, we have created many of the exhibits located in the Smithsonian Museums. Contact us for your next display case requirement. Curators and preservationists around the world rely on Capital Plastics to provide them with the highest quality display cases available to safeguard priceless, irreplaceable artifacts. For some of our many projects check out the Museums Gallery or click the image.

Architectural Designs

Acrylic Architectural Design Washington DC In recent years, there has been an increase in decorative resin panels and other designer materials. Architects and design firms around the world have sought fabricators capable of working with these materials, which has brought Capital Plastics to the forefront as a custom fabricator. With our skilled staff, we possess the rare capabilities to render and create a solid model of the project. After a model is created we are able to create molds with complex geometries via our 5-axis router. From here we use advanced thermo-forming techniques to construct the many different types of products used in large scale, elegant projects. For more of our architectural work, check out the Architecture Gallery, or click on the image.
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