Capital Plastics Co | The Cube Canal Park, Washington, D.C. | Capital Plastics Architecture
The Cube in Canal Park, Washington, .D.C. was created by Capital Plastics. Plastic and Acrylic Architectural Design Washington, D.C. Call (301) 595-1177
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“The Cube”, Canal Park, Washington, DC


Studios Architectural contracted to design an element of gigantic proportion to add an exciting feature to the skating rink at Canal Park in Washington, D.C. In collaboration with 3Form, Capital Plastics, with its partner Art Display, set out to build the structure you see here. The acrylic panels were custom made by Cyro Industries Evonic, in Germany.  They were then machined by Capital Plastics and hung on the steel structure with 3Form’™s proprietary hardware. At night both structures are lit, with the larger structure able to project movies and images from its interior.

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