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A custom plastic fabricator that has been creating high profile projects for over 50 years. Specializing in custom globes and fabrication.
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Meet Sully


Laurence E. Sullivan, known to friends, family, and all, affectionately as “Sully”, was a dedicated craftsman who

possessed a vision. That vision was to be able to provide a top-tier quality product at all times, and to be able to meet any demand. Sully was born January 16, 1926 in Virginia. After Secondary School, he served as a Torpedo Man for the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Icefish from 1944-1946. After his tour, he attended law school at George Washington University, while working for a small sign-maker on M Street in Washington, D.C. . In 1949, Sully left school and purchased the company along with a co-worker. In 1951, Sully bought his co-worker’s share in the company, and re-branded the company with the name Capital Plastics. Over the years, Sully branched out to Museum-Quality cases, Custom Globes, Architecture, and unique one-time designs. As the company grew, he moved it several times to accomodate increasing demands, to Kensington, MD in 1957, and to our current Beltsville, MD location in 1993.


Sully was also a dedicated family man. He was the father of 2 sons and 3 daughters, and, ultimately, was also blessed with 13 grandchildren. Over the years, Capital Plastics has remained in Sully’s family, and is currently co-owned and operated by his two sons. Throughout the years, almost every one of his children and grandchildren have spent time working at Capco. Sully worked hard right up until his passing in Januray of 2003, and since then Capital Plastics has always remained the small, family-run business he started all the way back in 1951.

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